Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications International Scholarship


1. XUPT University International Students Scholarship
All degree program students enroll at Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications will gain RMB2000 XUPT University Scholarship.
2. XUPT Excellent student’s scholarship
Amount of award1000 RMB/year for first prize;
600 RMB/year for second prize,
and 400 RMB/year for thirds prize.
And the last academic year is exempt of the activity.

Principle of selection

1.The appraisal of scholarships is based on the principle of openness and fairness and organized annually. Scholarships of the previous academic year are selected and distributed within the first three weeks of the new academic year.
2.The event is organized by the International Office (College of International Exchange) and implemented by the Scholarship Appraisal Group which consists of staff from the International Office (College of the International Exchange), Department of Teaching Affairs, Department of Finance, and corresponding colleges and class representatives.

  Range of selection:
All registered fulltime international students studying at Xi'an University of Posts and Telecommunications are entitled to apply for the scholarship.

  Grades and percentage:
There are three grades of scholarships: 1st 2nd and 3rd prizes. The International Office (College of International Exchange) organizes the selection process. First prize covers 5% of the total students in the class; Second prize covers 10% of the total students in the class; and third prize covers 15% of the total students in the class.

Criteria of selection

1. The candidates are required to:
--Abide by the laws of China, rules and regulations of the university; excel in moral character and bear no demerit record of any kind.
-- Have correct attitude of study, work hard and excel academically with all subjects scoring above B+.
2. International students belonging to any of the following categories are not eligible for scholarships:
(1)One who has been punished for violating Chinese laws or school rules and regulations;
(2)One who has violated student moral code and caused bad impact;
(3)One who once failed to pass examination and who has poor attendance records;
(4)One who does not pay tuition and fees within the stated time;
(5)One whose absence leave accumulates for over 30 class hours due to personal reasons.

Selection procedures

1. Guided by the present provisions, and based on students’ grades and general performance, the Division for International Students will, on recommendations of both faculty and students, work out a name list of candidates and submit it to the Scholarship Appraisal Group for final evaluation.
2. The Scholarship Appraisal Group will collect and evaluate the candidate lists and all relevant materials and decide the candidates.
3. The result of evaluation and selection will be publicized for three days in class and then, if there is no objection, reported to the University for approval.
4. International students who have objections to the selection result can appeal to the Scholarship Appraisal Group within three days from the date the result is publicized. The Scholarship Appraisal Group shall conduct thorough investigations and respond to the appeal within ten work days upon receiving the objection.


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