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Located in the middle reaches of the Yellow River, Shanxi Province got its name because it is situated to the west of Shaan Yuan highland (a plateau in the present day shan county, Henan Province). It covers an area of over 200,000 square kilometers and has a population of 35.05 million of the Han, Hui, Man and Mongolian nationalities. Xi’an is the seat of province government.

Climate varies distinctly between the northern and southern parts of the province, as the Qinling Mountain ward off the cold coming from the north and stop the wet monsoon coming from the south. The mean annual temperature is 7°C to 12°C (44.6°F to 53.6°F) in the northern part, 12°C to 14°C (53.6°F to 57.2°F) in the central area and 14°C -16°C (57.2°F to 60.8°F) in the southern part, with the average temperature of January being -11°C and -3.5°C (12.2°F to 25.7°F) and that of July 21°C -28°C (69.8°F to 82.4°F) . The annual rainfall is 400mm to 1,000mm.


Due to a variety of historical reasons, the average education level of the population in Shaanxi remains relatively low. By the end of 2000, the province only had 39 higher education institutions, with a total student enrollment of 241,700, and 20,723 teachers. At the pre-collegiate level, there were 3,247 secondary schools with 2,668,900 students enrolled and of 143,972 teachers, and 33,336 primary schools with 4,809,300 students and 182,297 teachers.

Education at the primary school level is fairly well developed, with 98.59 percent of primary school-aged children attending school. However, this success has not seemed to carry over into the secondary level, with only about 69.49 percent of junior high school graduates continuing their studies into high school and beyond.

Northwestern Polytechincal University

Located in the metropolitan city of Xi’an which enjoys her name as “Oriental Rome? NPU is a unique university in the People’s Republic of China which develops aeronautics, astronomy and marine science simultaneously. It is multidisciplinary and research-oriented.

The university now has about 25,000 students, including 3,100 PhDs, 6,100 Masters, 15,200 undergraduates and 290 overseas students. So far, this university has been enjoying the fame that the first PhD student in China in 6 fields graduated here. Totally, 34 PhDs or teachers in this university have ever been granted the Humboldt Research Fellowships by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Among the graduates, there are more than 30 academicians of the Institute of Science or the Institute of Engineering of China, more than 30 generals and 6 Outstanding Youths of China.

There are 20 schools now which set 54 bachelor programs, 101 master degree programs and 57 Ph.D. programs. 6 national key laboratories, 4 national specialized laboratories, 2 engineering research centers and 26 provincial key laboratories are here.

Since the year 1938 in which the university was set up, it has produced many glorious No. Ones in China. They are as follows:

More than 30 PhDs or professors have won the Humboldt Research Fellowship. This number is the No. One among all Chinese universities.


1. XUPT University International Students Scholarship
All degree program students enroll at Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications will gain RMB2000 XUPT University Scholarship.
2. XUPT Excellent student’s scholarship
Amount of award1000 RMB/year for first prize;
600 RMB/year for second prize,
and 400 RMB/year for thirds prize.
And the last academic year is exempt of the activity.

Principle of selection

1.The appraisal of scholarships is based on the principle of openness and fairness and organized annually. Scholarships of the previous academic year are selected and distributed within the first three weeks of the new academic year.
2.The event is organized by the International Office (College of International Exchange) and implemented by the Scholarship Appraisal Group which consists of staff from the International Office (College of the International Exchange), Department of Teaching Affairs, Department of Finance, and corresponding colleges and class representatives.


Is there a place called Jinsixia Grand Canyon in Shangnan county,Shaanxi Province?

Yes, there is.

Hi, how often does the bus run between Xi'an to the Terracotta warrriors?

In normal weekdays, it operates from 07:00 to 19:00 every 15min. On weekends and holidays, the interval is much shorter.

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